I have always loved the artistic quality of the female form. I did my graduate project on abstract nudes. I couldn't think of anything I'd rather photograph then the amazing form of the female body. Back in college I was doing boudoir portraits before boudoir photography was boudoir (if you know what I mean). I rigged up a little back drop in my apartment and hung some fancy curtains.

If you remember not long ago it was all about the hair and padded shoulders.... there were a lot of big hairdos and leather jackets back then but we had fun wrapping girls around trombones and dressing them up in biker jackets and cowboy boots. Not exactly the intimate photography boudoir has become these days.

Well, a lot has changed since then. For one thing,  I now work out of a beautiful purpose built studio, have a wonderful assistants who help create hair and make-up that put the finishing touches on the boudoir experience you'll have.  I have pretty much done away with the padded shoulder look! (thank God!)

Just to back up a bit, right after school I traveled around the world, spent years making television documentaries and lived in London.  Not a bad life really.  But I missed America, my family and photography so I moved back home and started Spector Photography and have been photographing children and families in the greater Boston area and up on the North Shore ever since. It's been amazing and I love it but I really missed the creative outlet boudoir can offer.

Doing boudoir photography is such an amazing experience. I want to give that intimate portrait experience to women. I want to show them how beautiful and sexy they are. I want to foster confidence, joy, expression, decadence and love. I want to be part of making them happier and their relationships stronger. It's a passion for me, to make women look, feel and be beautiful!