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I understand this is an exciting but somewhat scary adventure so I try to make it relaxing and fun. I also try to take care of all the details for you so you can concentrate on the fun stuff like selecting outfits….that’s why your boudoir experience covers not just the time in front of the camera but all the time getting ready too!

Your boudoir portrait experience is  $550* and includes  a 2+hour session with as many outfits as you'd like.. we go through everything before the session and select the best looks  to create a well rounded and diverse portfolio just for you. You also get to spend an hour with Tiffany Cantin,  owner of the Six Bay Road Salon located in Hamilton on the North Shore. Tiffany comes to the studio and works with you to give you a look that will not only enhance the images we create but make you feel like a million dollars before you've even got your first outfit on.  You'll  have the use of the studios jewelry collection and fabrics. We also have a hot tub!

While at the studio you'll be able to look through all the beautiful keepsakes available: you can select from the various boutique albums, accordion wallet-sized books, archival prints and bi- fold portrait panels and of course digital files.

Here's the best part: I help with everything. From sending you a 9-page color "how to guide" to get you started all the way to creating an amazing and uniquely personal and intimate album for you to give that special someone.

No boudoir photography session would be complete without champagne (if you’d like) and there are gourmet chocolates for you to take home (or eat during the experience). We can also play your favorite music!

It’s an amazing experience! I know, I've tried it. WOW it was the most fantastic thing I've ever done. So, I get it... it's daunting but honestly ladies...you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Boudoir really is an empowering, exciting and really fun experience! I'm going to make you look absolutely out of this world and you, your partner, boyfriend or husband will be thrilled! I guarantee it 100%.